The only traditional Montessori school
in Marbella.

To enable children realise their full potential.

Developing your child's own
initiative and natural abilities.

Allowing children to take an active role in their own learning reinforces their excitement to learn.

We believe that children thrive in educational environment that respect them as individuals.

At Casa del Mar Montessori Marbella children begin a life journey of self-realisation, love of learning, and global responsibility.

An individualised learning environment

Where children are guided to reach their full potential

Active learning

The learning takes place through the child’s own activity. The use of Montessori materials builds a foundation of concrete experiences of abstract concepts, assisting your child to attain a deeper level of understanding.

Highly individualised curriculum

Montessori guides are trained to recognise and respect the latent abilities within your child, connecting her to the material that combines both interest and the right level challenge.

Child-centered environments

Children in a Montessori environment are very independent, everything is at their reach and well thought to offer the right amount of challenge while respecting their limitations.

3-hour work cycles

Children have three hours of uninterrupted time to choose independent work, become deeply engaged, and repeat to their own satisfaction. This is very important to allow them to concentrate and work at their own pace on chosen activities.

Mixed-age classes

Children of different ages help one another. Younger children admire the work of older ones and are capable of taking an interest in the things they are doing because the difference in their abilities is not that big. For older children, teaching younger ones really allows him to consolidate and strengthen his own knowledge.

Group activities and free play in the garden

We also understand the importance of group activities, that will be offered but not imposed to the children. Our daily schedule also accommodates time for free play in our garden.

Parent Testimonials

The Team

Established in 2016, Casa del Mar Montessori Marbella is backed by a team of veteran professionals with over 15 years of combined Montessori experience.

Noelia Zaragoza

Infant Community Guide

Noelia holds a 3-6 AMI certification by the Montessori Institute in Malaga as well as two bachelor's degrees in Special needs education and Psychology.

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Kirsty Dennis

Infant Community Assistant

Kirsty is our native English speaking Infant Community Assistant. She also assists in the Children's House during our afternoon cycle. Kirsty is trained in Jolly Phonics and runs the Drama afternoon activities.

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Andrea Fitzpatrick

Children's House Guide

Andrea is a 3-6 AMI-certified professional from Michigan, US. She has over 3 years of experience and holds a masters degree in Montessori Education and a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, specializing in Early Childhood Education, Language, and Mathematics.

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Silvia Santana

Children's House Guide

Silvia is an 3-6 AMI-certified professional with over 5 years of experience in Spain and the UK. She holds a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood education as well as a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.

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Sara Fernández

Elementary Guide

Certified by the well established AMI training center in London, the Maria Montessori Institute, she holds a 3‐6 AMI certification as well as a bachelor's degree in Elementary education.

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Macarena Soto

Positive Discipline Counsellor

Macarena Soto is a certified Positive Discipline facilitator by the Positive Discipline Association in the US. Trained in Neuroscience, multiple intelligences, Asperger and ADHD.

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Dr. María Montessori

"Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavour always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence."

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