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Infant Community

15 months to 3 years old

Children’s House

3 to 6 years old


6 to 12 years old
Whole-child education

A holistic approach to education, that acknowledges the need for the human being to develop their intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials to become a fulfilled and happy human.

Student-centered learning

A student-centered learning looks for the child's interests, recognizes and emphasizes their unique abilities and follows their own pace of learning. Creativity and innovation are fostered every day by encouraging each child to pursue their innate curiosity and interests.

Active learning

The learning takes place through the child’s own activity. The use of Montessori materials builds a foundation of concrete experiences of abstract concepts, assisting your child to attain a deeper level of understanding. Reflection upon experiences is encouraged by the guides; critical thinking, independent decision making and problem-solving skills are practice daily.

Mixed-age classes

Children of different ages help one another. Younger children admire the work of older ones and are take an interest in the work they are doing because the difference in their abilities is not as big. For older children, teaching younger ones allows them to consolidate their knowledge as well as practice their leadership skills.

Social and Emotional learning

The ability to recognise and regulate one's emotions, thoughts and behaviours is a fundamental learning for the human being. As part of the holistic approach to education we integrate practices that will help our children develop self-discipline, empathy, teamwork and ethical responsibility. Mindfulness and meditation are practice daily.

Global citizenship and sustainability

Upon a foundation of respect and within a framework of peace education, the Montessori Methodology aims to instil the values, attitudes and behaviours that support responsible global citizenship: creativity, innovation, and commitment to peace, human rights and sustainable development.

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Parent Testimonials

Dr. María Montessori

"Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavour always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence."

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